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Trek Recall Information

Information on the April 2015 Trek Safety Recall:

There is only one recall, and the recall only affects Trek bikes with disc brakes. On certain models and certain years, the front wheel quick release skewer, when open, extends back farther than 180 degrees. This means that when the skewer is loose, the handle has the potential to catch the holes in the brake rotor and get stuck, potentially stopping the front wheel.


On all of our disc brake equipped bike for the past number of years, we have installed the front quick release skewer backwards, so that the handle is on the right hand (chain) side of the bike and not on the traditional left hand side. This was done specifically to prevent the quick release skewer from interfering with the brake rotor and to eliminate the chance of a customer burning or cutting their hand on a brake rotor (they do get pretty hot after a period of hard braking!). This does not affect the functionality of the bike. If your front skewer handle is on the right hand side of the bike, your bike is not affected by the recall.

Furthermore, even if your bike is one of the models and years affected, it is possible you did not receive a bad skewer. If your quick release skewer is on the left (non-drive) side and it does not swing open past 180 degrees and into the holes in your brake rotor, your bike is not affected by the recall.

However, we are making available the recall service to any of our customers with one of the affected models to the extent detailed in the Trek notice. This includes a replacement skewer and the associated labor to change it out, at no cost to you, as well as a $20 coupon off Bontrager products.

We want to ensure your safety and peace of mind, so if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to call us or bring your bike in to the shop to have it inspected.

Please refer to the detailed recall information document here:

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We're your outdoor and indoor riding headquarters!

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Keep your hands comfortable by changing your grip on the handlebars regularly.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

transverse cable
Also called a "crossover cable," this is the cable on cantilever brakes that runs over the top of the tire.

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