Used & Consignment Electric Bikes

We offer a 6-12 month warranty on all preowned bikes!

Browse through our great selection of preowned electric bikes. Many of them have low mileage and are close to new condition.

 All bikes are given a complete bumper to bumper safety check and a full tune-up.

These bikes are charged up and ready to ride! Stop in now for a test ride and we'll even give you a free water bottle! 

Giant Preowned Suede
$685.00 $1,499.99 54% Savings
The Giant Suede Electric Bike features a 300 watt center drive motor with a...
Bloomfield Bike Preowned Extreme E-Bike with New Battery!
A simple to use inexpensive e-bike great for commuting or general use. With...
A2B Preowned F4W Peak
$1,199.00 $1,899.00 37% Savings
The Fast Forward Peak is an affordable, sporty electric bike that offers a ...
A2B Demo Ferber
$1,495.00 $2,295.00 35% Savings
Sometimes you need to get there in style. Designed with a more traditiona...
Pedego Preowned Trail Tracker with New Battery
A heavy-duty off-road bike that can carry riders up mountain paths known to...
EG Oahu 500 EX - DEMO
$1,679.99 $1,999.99 16% Savings
The EG Oahu 500 EX electric bike boasts a whopping 48 volt, 500 watt motor ...
Bloomfield Bike Custom Juiced/Bafang
This new custom blend of a Juiced E-Bike and Bafang 750 Watt Mid-Drive Moto...
Bloomfield Bike Custom Stromer/Bafang
$1,799.00 $2,399.00 25% Savings
This custom E-bike is a blend of a classic Stromer Elite and a mid-drive Ba...
Bloomfield Bike Preowned Stromer ST1 16.5
$1,799.00 $4,249.00 58% Savings
The Stromer ST1 Platinum is the pinnacle of E-bike technology. With a 27-sp...